Corporate Lobbying Alignment Project (CLAP)

Preventable Surprises is delighted to launch the Corporate Lobbying Alignment Project. This new applied research and engagement project will work to make corporate political capture a central component of investors’ approach to ESG stewardship and integration. It will leverage information on the state of play for key sectors and share lessons learned from past investor engagements. Through research interviews and a series of events, we will engage with the global investment community to help prioritise areas for action.

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Upcoming CLAP sector topics and online conversation dates are below. Register your interest in joining the roundtables here.

  • Finance (Thursday, 21 January 2021)
  • Financial regulators & policymakers (Thursday, 4 March 2021)
  • Big Tech (Thursday 25 March, 2021)
  • Final Online Dialogue & index launch (Dates TBC, April 2021)

We welcome feedback

Please get in touch with your comments on how investors can better address corporate political capture and to learn more at:
research at preventablesurprises dot com

The Corporate Lobbying Alignment Project is generously supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

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