Preventable Surprises’ goal is to contribute to the reduction of emissions by the world’s largest companies in a time frame that will allow global warming to stay below 2 degrees.

We believe institutional investors should share this goal, because global warming above 2 degrees presents significant ‘value at risk’ in a diversified portfolio. Taking action on climate change is therefore a fiduciary duty for long term investors, which ­ if ignored ­ could lead to litigation. In the Forceful Stewardship Guidelines, we offer a simple way to comply with this fiduciary duty – vote for AGM resolutions that require companies to publish 2 degree transition plans

The Missing60 are found, yet still are lost

By Casey Aspin, Communications Director Prior to the historic Paris Agreement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, investors gained support at BP, Shell, Statoil and other companies for resolutions asking them to stress test their portfolios against a scenario where the 2°C goal is achieved. These measures passed with nearly 100% investor support, feeding hopes […]

Creating Sustainable Companies Summit

Frank Bold, a public interest law organisation with offices across Europe, is hosting a summit to focus on corporate governance and sustainability. Preventable Surprises CEO Raj Thamotheram will be among a panel of speakers from a wide range of disciplines to speak at the event, which will be held in Brussels on 28 September. Registration information below. The […]

Preventable Surprises encourages the G20 to require investors to disclose AGM votes

  G20 leaders face a long list of pressing issues when they meet at their September summit, including the backlash against globalization and migration. While climate change could take a back seat, that would be a mistake. The Conference of the Parties in Paris committed to greenhouse gas reduction goals in order to reduce the […]

Climate Change: Mitigation or adaptation?

This guest op-ed is from Professor Rich Pancost, organic geochemist, biogeochemist and palaeoclimatologist. Since 2012, he has been the Director of the interdisciplinary University of Bristol Cabot Institute, which explores how we depend on and shape our planet. Rich is a board member of Preventable Surprises and is one of the critical thinkers on whose […]

What is the best role for Engagement Overlay Providers if they and their clients accept climate science?

Asset owners are, rightly, frustrated with how many investment managers actually “do” stewardship. Rather than engage assertively with managers about their stewardship performance, however, asset owners are outsourcing these responsibilities to engagement overlay providers (EOPs). This strategy can address some ESG problems at a limited number of outlier companies, but it fails to address ESG […]

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