Preventable Surprises’ goal is to contribute to the reduction of emissions by the world’s largest companies in a time frame that will allow global warming to stay below 2 degrees.

We believe institutional investors should share this goal, because global warming above 2 degrees presents significant ‘value at risk’ in a diversified portfolio. Taking action on climate change is therefore a fiduciary duty for long term investors, which ­ if ignored ­ could lead to litigation. In the Forceful Stewardship Guidelines, we offer a simple way to comply with this fiduciary duty – vote for AGM resolutions that require companies to publish 2 degree transition plans

How I celebrated the inauguration

By Casey Aspin (Casey wrote this blog post in a personal capacity, not in her role as director of communications for Preventable Surprises). As an American living in the UK, I have the luxury of distance, which provides a buffer for events I find upsetting, such as today’s inauguration. Things seem a bit less real when they are thousands […]

Making the 1% elite face the 2° heat

The pay of FTSE 100 chief executives has risen by a third since 2010 and now stands at 147 times the average worker wage, according to a recent article in the Financial Times. Carolyn Hayman, Chair of Preventable Surprises, responded with a letter to the editor, arguing that the best comparative for executive pay is the cohort of […]

Year in Review: Turning the Soil

  As 2016 dawned, the glow of the Parisian accord still radiated among the many activists working toward a 2°C-compliant economy, Preventable Surprises included. We held an online dialogue in April to plan for the spring annual general meetings, devising strategies to secure a “yes” vote from institutional investors on climate friendly resolutions. Our strategies […]

Tasked with Forcing Change

Climate-related risk is building throughout global markets, just as the contagion effect of excess housing debt led to the Global Financial Crisis. To fend off another destructive chapter in global finance—another preventable surprise—FSB Chair Mark Carney formed the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure. We applaud the task force’s Phase 2 report, released today, for its […]

Stand and Fight

Using your voice as a shareholder By PS Chair Carolyn Hayman, OBE The divest-invest campaign has helped foundations focus on the contribution of fossil fuel producers to climate change and on the need for mission-driven investing. But divest-invest is only the beginning of the story. To rapidly shrink greenhouse gas emissions, we must focus on […]

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