Preventable Surprises’ goal is to contribute to the reduction of emissions by the world’s largest companies in a time frame that will allow global warming to stay below 2 degrees.

We believe institutional investors should share this goal, because global warming above 2 degrees presents significant ‘value at risk’ in a diversified portfolio. Taking action on climate change is therefore a fiduciary duty for long term investors, which ­ if ignored ­ could lead to litigation. In the Forceful Stewardship Guidelines, we offer a simple way to comply with this fiduciary duty – vote for AGM resolutions that require companies to publish 2 degree transition plans

Preventable Surprises makes a power play in utilities

By Casey Aspin Communications Director The precipitous decline of the coal industry followed a series of warnings. One, a paper published by Bernstein Research in June 2013, warned that the industry was “in terminal decline.” Coal stocks had dropped 22% in the year prior and have dropped 60% since (by October 2016). Investors who maintained […]

The Missing60 revealed: Asset managers explain Exxon, Chevron votes

Proxy votes from the spring AGM season became public last month, drawing attention to the 60% of voters who supported climate-risk stress tests at non-US companies but reversed course at Exxon and Chevron, where management opposed the shareholder proposals. In a recent article, Preventable Surprises interviewed the largest asset managers in the #Missing60 and countered […]

Stakeholders for Sustainable Innovation Workshop

The Centre for The Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge is holding a workshop on shareholder engagement strategies for the auto sector. The workshop’s goal is to develop strategies to influence automakers to adopt an accelerated timeline for the inevitable transition to electric (and other alternatives) vehicles. Dr Raj Thamotheram will start the 24 […]

The Business of Bees: An Integrated Approach to Bee Decline and Corporate Responsibility

With bee populations increasingly at risk, The Business of Bees: An Integrated Approach to Bee Decline and Corporate Responsibility, edited by Jill Atkins and Barry Atkins, provides an integrated account of how bee decline, consumers, companies, investors and stock markets are interconnected. In Chapter Nine, Raj Thamotheram and Olivia Stewart map out an investment system based on […]

Which sector should be the pilot for ‘industrial scale’ 2°C transition plan resolutions in 2017?

Preventable Surprises proposes two changes in AGM strategy for 2017: Moving from 2°C stress tests to <2°C transition plans (from risk disclosure to preparing for action). Upscaling from a case-by-case focus on companies to sector-wide ‘industrial scale.’  For the industrial scale strategy to succeed, we suggest selecting a sector other than fossil fuels as a […]

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