Preventable Surprises’ goal is to contribute to the reduction of emissions by the world’s largest companies in a time frame that will allow global warming to stay below 2 degrees.

We believe institutional investors should share this goal, because global warming above 2 degrees presents significant ‘value at risk’ in a diversified portfolio. Taking action on climate change is therefore a fiduciary duty for long term investors, which ­ if ignored ­ could lead to litigation. In the Forceful Stewardship Guidelines, we offer a simple way to comply with this fiduciary duty – vote for AGM resolutions that require companies to publish 2 degree transition plans

Energy utilities hold the key to reducing emissions – help us move the sector!

Short-term consultants needed to test transition plan guidance with energy utility companies and investors Preventable Surprises is new nonprofit ‘think-do’ tank seeking to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy in a timeframe that restricts global warming to not more than 2°C. The lever we pull is with investors and the companies they own. […]

How technology will trump Trump

 A message from Preventable Surprises Chair Carolyn Hayman No one really knows what a Trump presidency will be like. Given his ‘man of action’ positioning, we may find out soon. But it’s unlikely to help the world reach its Paris commitments of keeping warming below 2°C. But as we’ve begun to focus on the demand […]

Webinar explores new report on tipping point for investors

A new study, Tipping Points 2016: Summary of 50 Asset Owners’ and Managers’ Approaches to Investing in Global Systems,  examines new ways that investors are thinking about the relationship between stewardship and the management of systemic risk. It finds that investors are taking a fresh look at the risk-reward equation in global systems: “That finance can […]

2016 ET Carbon Rankings: Breakfast Briefing

Since 2010, the ET Carbon Rankings have scored the world’s largest listed companies according to their greenhouse gas emissions intensity. The ET Carbon Rankings are designed to achieve two objectives: to incentivise each constituent company to be constantly lowering emissions, and to encourage companies to disclose complete greenhouse gas emissions data. Dr Raj Thamotheram is among […]

Preventable Surprises makes a power play in utilities

By Casey Aspin Communications Director The precipitous decline of the coal industry followed a series of warnings. One, a paper published by Bernstein Research in June 2013, warned that the industry was “in terminal decline.” Coal stocks had dropped 22% in the year prior and have dropped 60% since (by October 2016). Investors who maintained […]

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