Biodiversity loss

Issues relating to agriculture and biodiversity form an interconnected web such that action anywhere has ripple effects everywhere. Intensive, chemical-driven farming practices are responsible for rapid loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, bee colony collapse, and other threats to our planet.

Preventable Surprises has examined what investors should do about this risk, in part because we anticipated heightened regulatory scrutiny. Whilst there are many organisations working to make agriculture fit for the 21st Century, Preventable Surprises wants to work in those specific areas where targeting institutional investors – and focusing on stewardship practices – could have an important and hopefully rapid impact.

We are exploring three target areas where forceful stewardship could help to manage risk: soil degradation from agricultural practices; antibiotic use in livestock; and pesticides and their impact on biodiversity loss. This is a work in progress, and we will add further detail as our investigation proceeds.