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Part 2: Which investors voted ‘for’ the climate change resolutions at the energy majors, and why?

While many large investors are not judging climate change as a material, immediate risk to their portfolios, more forward-looking asset managers supported the disclosure resolutions at the energy majors based...
27 September 2016
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Part 1: Why did some fund managers vote against the Exxon/Chevron climate resolutions?

Prior to the historic Paris Agreement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, investors gained support at BP, Shell, Statoil and other companies for resolutions asking them to stress test...
26 September 2016
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Asset managers accused of climate change hypocrisy

Four of the world’s largest fund houses have been accused of playing “games” with their investors after failing to back motions that sought greater climate change disclosure at ExxonMobil...
25 September 2016
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Preventable Surprises: Missing60 supporters want investors to explain why they voted against climate resolutions

In September 2016, investors had to disclose their voting record for proxy votes held during annual general meetings earlier in the year. AGMs offered up a record number of environmentally-themed resolutions,...
31 August 2016
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The Missing 60%: ExxonMobil, Forceful Stewardship and the 2°C Business Model Imperative

The Spring 2016 proxy votes supporting the 2°C stress test resolutions at last week’s Annual General Meetings of ExxonMobil (38.2%) and Chevron (41%) give cause for both celebration –...
3 June 2016
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What will it take to get the CEOs of the world’s largest fossil fuel companies to wake up to the realities of climate change?

Sea Change Radio is interviewing Preventable Surprises and discuss how even small-scale investors can produce large-scale results by advocating for sounder environmental practices within the board rooms of multinational...
31 May 2016
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The forecast is volatility, not gradual change

Blue & Green Tomorrow recently published Rich Pancost’s article on what climate change really looks like (see page 29 of the Guide to Sustainable Investing for full article). If...
30 May 2016
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In the struggle against climate change, investors must act

Howard Covington reviews the immediate future of a world where oil prices are below the $30 threshold, electric vehicles take the industry by surprise and why climate change is...
26 May 2016
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Leading fund managers need to show “fiduciary courage” or risk losing clients

John Rogers and Rich Pancost anticipate the US AGM results in the Responsible Investor, and contrasting them to the massive support already experienced in Europe, remind fund managers why...
23 May 2016
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Open Letter on the Financial Times

More than 75 civil society organisations have today published an open letter to the chairs of the world’s largest publicly listed oil companies urging them to publicly endorse the...
26 April 2016
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Bloomberg interview

Bloomberg Radio recently interviewed Raj about the high-level signing ceremony convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, to begin implementing the Paris Agreement. Raj explains what investors are doing well...
23 April 2016
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Are utility companies adapting to meet the business risks of climate change?

Preventable Surprises friend & collaborator Jon Lukomnik recently analysed on the Huffington Post the insights of the IRRCi/SI2 report on American utility industries. This is particularly interesting timing given...
21 April 2016
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Institutional Investors & Carbon Risk Resolutions: Don’t sit on the fence, please!

This article was first published in Sustainable Brands At BP’s 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM), 4.12% of the company’s investors either ‘abstained’ (2.4%) or voted ‘against’ (1.72%) a resolution...
15 April 2016
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Institutional investors must lead our transition to long-term sustainability

Canada’s Globe and Mail recently published an article on forceful stewardship following the announcement by the University of Toronto that it would direct its $6.5-billion in assets under long-term...
11 April 2016
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Long-Term Matters: A climate culture clash

We published a short comparative analysis in Investment & Pensions Europe of the cultural context in which major financial institutions operate in the US and the Netherlands. With the...
4 April 2016
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The make or break factor

In its latest edition, the Responsible Investor ran an article under the ‘Challenger’ section, written by our very own Carolyn and Raj. It tackles how COP-21 reshaped the asset...
26 March 2016
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Combating climate risk calls for strong stewardship

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition, an investment fund led by Gates, aims to lead private sector development of important new and profitable technologies for reducing global emissions from fossil fuels...
20 March 2016
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Divestment moves investors off climate sidelines

Corporate Knights recently published an article about the need to move away from divestment into forceful stewardship, and lists the four R’s of responsible investment: Reject the worst offenders,...
20 May 2015
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