Reproductive rights as political risk


Our latest editorial, written together with RR360 Founder Christina Campbell-Zausner, draws parallels between the present moment in America, and Russia in the waning days of Gorbachev.

When the last soviet leader stood down, “The national treasury was depleted, pensioners had to forgo their meager stipends, the heat was turned off in winter to save energy, and innovation was long a thing of the past.”

Back then, Gen X wasn’t going to take it. What about Gen Z today?

Some Investors might be concerned about the overturn of Roe vs. Wade because of their values, and some investors might be because of the fraying political and societal sense of belonging in America.

For political risk analysts, whatever their values, reproductive rights may be a canary in the coalmine.

The full editorial is free to read at ImpactAlpha.

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