Covid-19 lessons for responsible finance?

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky believes that her agency is still unprepared for the next deadly pandemic, and emerging news about Monkeypox seem to give her...
18 August 2022
Institutions, Pandemic

Investor stewardship and the Border and Surveillance Industry: a Discussion Note

We are pleased to share a Discussion Note on Investor Stewardship and the Border and Surveillance Industries. This Note is intended to educate – and advocate for – proactive...
7 December 2021
Human Rights, Forceful stewardship, Climate disruption, Pandemic

Investors must boost Covid-19 vaccination

Vaccine nationalism has had a lot of attention but what about “vaccine neoliberalism” and what could investors be expected to do to help? This article calls on investors and...
22 September 2021
Human Rights, Pandemic

Breaking the Fever is now a podcast

Preventable Surprises and Ethical Systems are delighted to announce that our “Breaking the Fever” online webinar series is now a podcast! “Breaking the Fever” was our response to...
4 June 2020

It’s the Trolley Problem, Stupid! (guest post by Raj Thamotheram and Ben Hammersley)

Spoiler Alert: it’s not really about facts. This blog follows Ben Hammersley’s recent participation in Preventable Surprises and Ethical Systems’ Breaking the Fever online conversation series. One silver...
24 April 2020

Many of us are about to become non-essential workers

We are sincerely concerned about unemployment. There are multiple scenarios for coming out of the current crisis, but: – we are roughly looking at double the output decline...
13 April 2020