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Making Net Zero count by facing up to its shortcomings

The world is increasingly committing to Net Zero emission strategies. Preventable Surprises has been supportive, but science and experience now show it won’t be enough to meet the Paris...
6 March 2020
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Preventable Surprises makes a power play in utilities

By Casey Aspin Communications Director The precipitous decline of the coal industry followed a series of warnings. One, a paper published by Bernstein Research in June 2013, warned that...
20 October 2016
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Which sector should be the pilot for ‘industrial scale’ 2°C transition plan resolutions in 2017?

Preventable Surprises proposes two changes in AGM strategy for 2017: Moving from 2°C stress tests to <2°C transition plans (from risk disclosure to preparing for action). Upscaling from a...
13 October 2016
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Climate change and critical mass: Making the most of AGMs

A rapid transition to sharply reduced GHG emissions demands action on multiple fronts. In addition to pushing for government action, shareholder activists have demanded low-carbon strategies at annual general...
13 October 2016
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The Missing60 are found, yet still are lost

By Casey Aspin, Communications Director Prior to the historic Paris Agreement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, investors gained support at BP, Shell, Statoil and other companies for resolutions...
24 September 2016
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What happens when fossil fuel interests capture government?

The Australian Prime Minister has ordered the government to halt investing in solar and wind energy. How much more short-sighted could you get?
19 July 2015
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When corporate sustainability leaders fail to lead….lessons from Australia

What happens when so-called corporate sustainability leaders flunk the leadership challenge and act as bystanders? Then climate denialists and sceptics get to set the agenda! This article has some...
8 July 2015
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Power to the People

Chronicling the road to becoming a zombie industry, Bill McKibben casts power companies as-asleep-at-the-wheel vis a vis the competitive threat residential solar represents to their business model.
30 June 2015
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