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Introducing The Great Wake-Up: on Women’s Health and ESG

Preventable Surprises is pleased to release its latest discussion note: The Great Wake-Up – why investors must act on women’s health – now, presented with the generous support of...
15 June 2023
Human Rights

Climate change means the world is moving: are responsible investors ready?

As Hurricane Ian and a drought on the Mississippi reshape US climate politics and cause millions of Americans to rethink where they can safely live, investors are waking up...
4 November 2022
Human Rights

Dialogue takeaways and call to action for investors on the Border & Surveillance Industries

We are happy to release the summary slides from an online dialogue on the Border & Surveillance Industries which Preventable Surprises hosted in March 2022. The dialogue is part of...
21 June 2022
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Rubber, Meet Road

Face it: responsible investment is about political choices. Short of this reckoning, the fate of ESG might be the least of our concerns. What is ESG? It depends on...
4 May 2022
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Migration is a climate issue is an ESG issue

The IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report assesses the impacts of climate change, considering ecosystems, biodiversity, and human communities at the global and regional level. Accelerated environmental degradation and migration go...
1 March 2022
Human Rights, Climate disruption

Three reference points for G7 investors to stand up for human rights at their own borders

Rising nationalism and matching politics mean that G7 governments are increasingly ignoring their obligations to protect the rights of refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants. The world’s largest investors...
8 February 2022
Human Rights

Master Class: Life in the Early Anthropocene, with Howard Covington

Preventable Surprises Senior Adviser Howard Covington gifted us with an excellent first  Master Class on Life in the Early Anthropocene. We recommend you watch the replay or look at the slides. Howard...
31 January 2022
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ESG influencers survey response: Gender Based Violence & Harassment

From time to time, Preventable Surprises invites ESG influencers – senior practitioners and stakeholders who shape responsible investing – to share their sentiment on select topics and set an...
22 December 2021
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Investor stewardship and the Border and Surveillance Industry: a Discussion Note

We are pleased to share a Discussion Note on Investor Stewardship and the Border and Surveillance Industries. This Note is intended to educate – and advocate for – proactive...
7 December 2021
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Investor stewardship in the Border & Surveillance Industries: roundtable summary

On 28 October 2021, Preventable Surprises hosted an investor roundtable to launch the Border & Surveillance Industries (BSI) Stewardship Project. Participants discussed how institutional investors in these industries  can...
16 November 2021
Human Rights, Forceful stewardship

Time to act, part II: Seven Steps investors can take today on Gender Based Violence & Harassment

This article recaps lessons on investors and Gender-Based Violence and Harassment (GBVH)  from our 14 October online roundtable with Lauren Compere, Managing Director at Boston Common Asset Management  and...
4 November 2021
Human Rights, Forceful stewardship

The Border and Surveillance Industries Investor Stewardship Project

Preventable Surprises is pleased to launch the Border and Surveillance Industries Investor Stewardship Project. The project will bring together global institutional investors, NGOs and experts to determine how to...
18 October 2021
Human Rights, Forceful stewardship, Corporate political capture

Time to act, Part I: tackling Gender-Based Violence requires more assertive investor engagement

One out of three women globally are victims of Gender-Based Violence. In this first of two blogs, we look at what companies and investors are doing, why many more...
28 September 2021
Human Rights, Forceful stewardship

Investors must boost Covid-19 vaccination

Vaccine nationalism has had a lot of attention but what about “vaccine neoliberalism” and what could investors be expected to do to help? This article calls on investors and...
22 September 2021
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