Who defines Trump’s impact on the Paris Agreement?

Climate disruption

Preventable Surprises Founder Raj Thamotheram argues that institutional investors have largely failed to make their voices heard in the climate debate. As universal owners of the world’s largest publicly traded companies they are uniquely positioned to exert influence on company boards and management. But most large investors have not supported shareholder resolutions requiring disclosure of risks tied to a 2°C-aligned economy–the goal of the Paris Accord.

As President Trump continues undermining the accord, Thamotheram lays out recommendations institutional investors should follow to offset the shocking lack of leadership in Washington, D.C. and in many states. The article appears in Climate2020, a UNA-UK publication “providing analysis and recommendations on fulfilling the Paris Agreement on climate change.”

He concludes: “All these examples have one thing in common. When we choose to think of Donald Trump as the cause of the problem – and empower him in the process – we forget that we, individually and collectively, could be doing much more to walk our talk, and this includes how we invest.”

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