Preventable Surprises hosted a private seminar in London

Climate disruption

Preventable Surprises hosted a private seminar in London on 16th May 2019 with the internationally recognised atmosphere scientist Katharine Hayhoe from Texas, USA.

Katharine was in London to give a talk (starts at 34 mins) organized by the Grantham Institute, about communicating about climate change in a time of deep polarization. This really is a must watch!

Earlier in day, she met with positive mavericks from the Preventable Surprises for a private seminar held under the Chatham House rule. Here are the notes of that meeting.

One of the highlights of our meeting with Katharine – and remember she is a world famous scientist famed for her detailed analysis – is when she spoke about the importance of how to communicate with ordinary folk. For example, she spoke about how she accepted an interview with Playboy (Katharine is the wife of a pastor and herself an evangelical Christian) and also was the guest editor for one edition of a major Canadian women’s magazine.  Here is one reader’s response.  If you want to hear Katharine delve into more detail about how (and how not) to communicate about climate change, watch her TEDx talk here.

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