New report: How investors should manage climate related systemic risk

Climate disruption

Preventable Surprises has released its latest report “Climate Related Systemic Risk: A Guide for Investor Action Report“.

This report takes investment decision-makers through key questions to consider on climate-related systemic risk, challenging the common reasons for not acting. The report argues that hedging, risk assessment and divestment aim to “manage the unavoidable” – the first order impacts. However, these strategies fall short of addressing the second and third order impacts in complex, inter-connected systems. The report sets out to stimulate the necessary conversations between investment management organisations, their asset owners, and their consultants on the actions required to “avoid the unmanageable”.

The report builds on discussions with many expert contributors to an on-line dialogue and at a roundtable hosted by Mercer and Oliver Wyman in London.

A (7 min) video also provides snapshot views from some of the participating experts.

Feedback on this exposure draft is welcome.  Please contact: [email protected]

            29 June 2016

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