David Murray appointed Chief Executive of Preventable Surprises

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Preventable Surprises has appointed as its new chief executive David Murray, currently head of campaigns and communications at Cycling UK. David has a track record of building and delivering campaigns that challenge mainstream thinking to promote a socially just and environmentally sustainable world. He will join Preventable Surprises, a ‘think-do’ tank, in August.

David’s campaigns successes to date include helping the Green Party win its first ever parliamentary seat in the 2010 General Election when he was the party’s CEO; gaining the public’s legal right of access to the entire English and Welsh coast at the Ramblers; achieving a National Park designation for the South Downs with the Campaign for National Parks; and most recently helping to secure sustained government investment in walking and cycling through statutory provisions in the Infrastructure Act, while rebranding and repositioning the UK’s oldest transport organisation, Cycling UK (formerly the Cyclists’ Touring Club).

David said of his appointment “I look forward to helping Preventable Surprises develop its strategy to make full use of its unique and influential position. The utilities sector has just two more AGM seasons remaining before we reach the 2020 deadline to bend the curve of green house gas emissions. As the world’s biggest contributor to carbon emissions, it is clear that this sector needs to be positively disrupted through forceful stewardship by the investors in this sector. We are actively seeking responsible investors to join our growing network of positive mavericks so that, together, we can and will stop climate change in its tracks.”

Founder and Co-chair of Preventable Surprises Raj Thamotheram said: “Investors know what they should be doing but there are many understandable obstacles that get in the way. I’m really excited about working with David and our powerful network of positive mavericks to shift the dynamics and change what is considered “reasonable.”

Co-chair Carolyn Hayman, OBE, said: “We are thrilled to be appointing David. His energy, determination and record of success are exactly what we need to cajole the investment system into using its immense power to accelerate the transition to a low carbon world.”

Preventable Surprises will be running its fifth online dialogue with its network of positive mavericks in June. The network, which includes scientists, economists, securities analysts, central bankers, investment executives, and others, will coalesce around key topics that develop, inform and vet Preventable Surprises’ strategy as the organisation heads towards its next phase of development.

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2 June 2017